Patricia Gagnon


Patricia Gagnon

Patricia is co-owner of the company and has a solid background in accounting and administration. She has been training in the technology sector for 3 years. An entrepreneur at heart, she’ll take your business to the next level by bringing a fresh approach to your website’s user experience that’s sure to improve the quality of your digital customer service. His creativity and experience in front-end development will give your website the wow effect that will set you apart in today’s increasingly competitive digital world.


3 years


Front-End Developer and Administrator



819 975-4200

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Personal Experience

With an excellent background in customer service, she is now training to apply it to the web. It will help you ensure that your visitors have an outstanding shopping or visiting experience. Being self-taught, his apprenticeship will enable him to go ever further and refine his know-how, always with the aim of offering you the best service and providing your customers with a better user experience every time they visit. Drawing on the Adobe Creative Cloud suite, Canva and many other web design tools, she’ll be able to create user interfaces that are as impressive as the next. Patricia is undoubtedly a major addition to your resources, guaranteeing you the best of the best for your website.

My Skills

Graphics - Web design
Adobe Creative Cloud Suite 75%
User Experience
Purchasing experience and user visits 80%
Content integration
Content integration and layout 90%
CSS/HTML programming
CSS/HTML programming 75%